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Patricia Stokes

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With over 35 years in the industry of auctioneering, I hold this mission to be true. Apart from having all the necessary qualifications, what differentiates me is how I put that experience to use. 

Over the years, building rapport with people has proven to have been my strength, and what my clients say is the reason they have done business with me. While service is important, I place focus on people. Every person selling their home has their own individual story. I use my experience, skills and intuitive strengths to understand the WHY.

Any form of service should meet, satisfy and exceed the need of a customer.

Throughout the process, I place importance on courtesy, competency and credibility. This is how I differentiate myself and my relationship with the customer. Having had experience of larger organisations for many years, red tape can sometimes hinder a pro-active sales process. Being part of a smaller organisation allows for flexibility thereby responding quickly to market trends and resolving any issues quickly and correctly. This helps in delivering a better and faster service than my competitors.

These attributes also enable me to provide superior value at a more affordable price, which means I can offer more for less. 

A member of the Society of Chartered Surveyors and RICS and a Registered Valuer, I have extensive experience in the sale and letting of new and second-hand homes.

The involvement in large-scale projects, from inception to the built environment, over many years throughout Cork, has given me a clear understanding of how to deliver the best advice to all stakeholders. With extensive knowledge in master planning and demography, key guidance is given on land use and design in both residential and mixed-use schemes for clients, design teams, and financial institutions.

Any business is built on it’s reputation. I believe that giving time to people – even in this technological age – is what is most important. People do business with people.

Why choose Stokes Auctioneers?

Our mission

We are a Cork Auctioneering firm, providing a trustworthy service in selling your home. We take  away the stress of selling by listening intuitively to your needs. Using our in depth market awareness, we excel at getting the best price for your house. We provide expertise and professionalism, and being independent allows us the flexibility to immediately react to market changes in real time. 

We stand apart because quality of service is important to us and, although cliched, we really do care. We provide a hand-holding service throughout the whole process with the advantage of being local and independent. For all these reasons and more, we know we are a company who are simply outstanding in selling property in Cork.

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We are very flexible when it comes to viewing times and are happy to show houses at weekends or outside normal office hours.

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