Thinking of Letting?

" Experience Matters...
is our mission "

Thinking of Letting?

With the ever changing tenant and landlord regulations in Ireland it is now more imperative that your letting agent is fully informed and up to date. 

We regularly keep up to date with the minimum standards as set down by the RTB and advise landlords accordingly as non compliance is a serious issue. 

We carry out an in-dept vetting service of all tenants in advance of viewing

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are thinking of letting

Patricia Stokes

Experience Matters

….is our mission

With over 35 years in the industry of auctioneering, I hold this mission to be true. Apart from having all the necessary qualifications, what differentiates me is how I put that experience to use.

Over the years, building rapport with people has proven to have been my strength, and what my clients say is the reason they have done business with me. While service is important, I place focus on people. Every person selling their home has their own individual story. I use my experience, skills and intuitive strengths to understand the WHY.

Any form of service should meet, satisfy and exceed the need of a customer.

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Call (021) 212 9831 or email us if you are thinking of letting.

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