Frequently asked questions

There are a number of factors that influence the value of a home.  Finding out how much your home is worth is something that should be carried out by an fully licenced registered expert.  Only an experienced auctioneer is aware of the factors locally and nationally that influence the value at the time of selling your home.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression! Presenting your home for sale at its best puts you at a huge advantage.  When you invite Stokes Auctioneers into your home they will help you attend to details if and where required such as tidy garden, fresh paint, and of course decluttering.

Our on-going research of the residential property market ensures that we can give you a snapshot  of the sales market on any given day.  Number of houses sold in your area, asking price v final sale price, length of time on the market are some of the factors needed in managing expectations when you are selling your home.

The price of most homes for sale is determined by the comparative method.  This involves relying on inhouse market research coupled with the extent of our experience by analysing recent transactions in your area and factoring in the numerous variables that influence the price of your home.  These included but are not limited to Ber ratings, site size, extensions and aspect to name a few.

Commission is variable.  You get what you pay for and we believe the fee paid should reflect the service delivered.

While we endeavour to deliver on our clients expectations we fully understand that relationships fail.  Should such an occasion arise our client can cancel their PRSA contract with no obligation.

This is ultimately decided by you.  Stokes Auctioneers are happy to advice the buyer expectations.  The important thing is that it is clear to all from the outset.

Patience !!!!  Selling your home is not a rushed affair and needs to be given time.  Our experience has show that properties placed on the market only come off once sold and are seldom withdrawn for any other reason.

Building a bespoke marketing plan is critical.  In addition to the use of colourful brochures, professional photography, virtual tours and print media, an online presence across all social media ensures your home will be found at the simple press of a button.

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